Two days of conferences and the flagship ceremony of the Argentine Mining Industry

Top executives responsible for driving the development of the mining industry in Argentina are part of the exclusive list of participants in the international seminar "Argentina Gold, Silver and Copper". This platform, one of the first in its field, was launched by Panorama Minero in 1996 and has since attracted the main players involved in the production of these three metals, in which the country has vast geological potential. The various alternatives for the valorization of these resources, as well as the trends in the mining market and the status of the various operations and projects located in the region, are part of the central themes of the conferences. Argentina Gold, Silver and Copper also offers business rounds and private 1-to-1 meetings, with various commercial options for sponsors and attendees.

The Mining Awards Night: a space for celebration for the industry

After the first day of the symposium, the well-known end-of-year celebration of the Argentine mining sector, "The Mining Awards Night", takes place in the same venue. This celebration includes a welcome cocktail aimed at networking, multiple gastronomic options, and a dinner-show in which various artistic proposals, draws, and entertainments are carried out. In this framework, Panorama Minero awards a series of recognitions to different mining actors based on their performance and the achievement of certain milestones related to sustainability, project advancement, community relations, operational performance, and good mining practices. Among others, awards are given to the Mining Company of the Year, Supplier of the Year, Mining Entrepreneur of the Year, and Woman in Mining of the Year, which is presented in partnership with the women's mining NGO, Women in Mining Argentina.

Reasons to participate

  • Opportunity for preferential sales for participating companies
  • Presence of leading firms in the Argentine mining industry
  • Brand positioning and direct connection with high-level mining executives
  • First-hand information about the status of mining projects and future developments
  • Possibility of connecting with authorities and representatives from local and international public spheres
  • Contact with suppliers, financial organizations, academic institutions and consulting agencies
  • Access to key data on the current situation of the mining industry and the possibilities of commercial integration that are opening up in the local market


"Argentina Gold, Silver & Copper" welcomes every year the entire national and international mining community interested in the opportunities offered by the activity in the region. With the presence of top government authorities, iconic companies of the Argentine industry, renowned figures in the private mining sector, investors, and professionals from related fields, this event provides the opportunity to be part of a circuit where investments are defined and weighty connections are established for the advancement of the sector, both from an informative and commercial, academic and institutional perspective. By participating, you can connect with industry leaders and discover new projects and investment opportunities. Additionally, you can participate in discussions and panels that address the most relevant topics for the mining sector, in front of a target audience that includes the most necessary voices of mining.